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February 15, 201703:22

hooking up at the gate as i turned around. it has always been that tiny clingy attitude and the noise of engine that make my heart plummet. locking door and gates, wanting to leave them whatever and just run towards that maddeningly apple of my eye. slowly still, relaxed at his voice cord which is just a whole good chapter. like the first time we did when we were strangers, we embraced each other to translate "i miss you too". i cannot fathom the way he opened the passenger door, or maybe i was just choosing not to understand it because i felt, more or less, ecstatic and well-treated (for the infinite of times). a simple gesture could have just blown my arse away. we were nonchalant as we picked the most random topic ever to start with and write the journey, needless to say, that's what i like the most. while i can choose other verb, he's hot when he's cautious on the road. did not intend to stay long on the road and we rushed for the tickets because uncle jack. we rushed to dine as he was hungry and i was half-hungry, frankly. another bright ring because i love doing the rush with him. wise tickets spent, uncle jack was fine because practically we had some big fat laughs trailing along. wise tickets. the need to head back to the small part of the city always felt like a long dot and we're being nonchalant again so it was not less of a magic. i wanted to ensure that life is blessed without thinking too much about the bedding but it really needed the dobby, thus, dobby's next. eating "outside cake" while waiting, surprisingly comforted by every inch of our proximity. done within just a small portion of the big conversation, we walked home, as usual. it rained lightly but it's the kind of midnight walk that i should need quite honestly. you see we're not done with the big conversation, we stopped by the ristorante. stupidly saying the rains look like snow, sipping our ice tea, binding the thread of conversation again. he touched the "constellation" in which he used to say talents. i coloured, i think. perhaps both of us almost denied the time but morning might come abruptly. so, here we go to the door and gates, the beginning of every journey. assuring each other all is well, rest is necessary, marked a cross on our face, also, embraced. man, it's a night.

p.s.   i have never really calculated it precisely but i know that even a calculator has no right or position to determine the picture. days could be long, long enough to pull in the emotion and words-to-die-for. again, it never really matters. i care for what it takes to move forward in  a way that wheels need to do their job. i realize that i just miss him everyday and i smile for what we are.