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addiction versus passion
January 21, 201712:11

are we all not addicted to something?

today my sister told me about a documentary of a celebrity that she has watched an invisible years ago, "in a surprisingly anticipated manner", as she claimed; the late amy winehouse. personally, it's a name that i never give a damn with, her music that i never pay attention to and just about anything, i know nothing about her. probably a bit sensitive to talk too much about a person who is no longer living, thus, i'll make it easy. based on the documentary, the late amy winehouse passed away due to her fatal addiction, alcohol and drugs. to second this, i have just googled her legitimate cause of death seconds ago and it is "alcohol intoxication".

addiction; the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity, dependency, habit, devotion, etc. do we have control over our addiction?

based on my personal dictionary in my android, the weight of addiction is negative. this sounds like a bad news. leaving the bad news, let's get back to a simple representation. you love cycling. you have so many friends cycling over the weekend. you buy a bicycle. you learn everything about cycling; skills, cycling athletes, competitions. you cycle once in a week. you cycle almost everyday out of a week. you feel extraordinary to finally be able to fit in the cyclers circle. you accept their invitation to participate in a cycling competition. you didn't win. you participate in another competition. you win. you are adored (or at least you started adoring yourself). you figure that it's not enough. you follow up with countless other competitions regardless of the school timing or working time, parents' advices, money invested and even the circle of cycling friends you have first felt like everything, you no longer have time to mingle with like every other ordinary day. this is where the bad news formulate its comeback. you are tired and barely have time for your loved ones. you need sleep more than anything you become ferocious over anyone even a person who tries to tell you to eat according to time. you become ignorant and soon enough, people set astray from your world. while all of these are being formulated without your 100% conscious heart and colours, you're losing what it takes and this goes back to tell us that addiction is actually a competition between us and whatever we are devoted to. simply because, we feel like we're not enough; for whatever reason it may have rooted after. 

i do believe that if we prioritize well and better everyday, we can manage addiction. that, if we know the weight of our actions better, we can overcome our reckless devotion. before we got attached with something or somebody, we profoundly need to remind ourselves that the string of attachment can strangle us too. we can be ever passionate about our job, hobbies and our loved ones but we cannot mistake addiction with passion. addiction is simply putting our virtues off at one corner in a manner of losing ourselves while passion is full of patience and comprehension of what is right (although not easy), not only for our own sake but other people's too.