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January 11, 201715:27

it was to my f.a.q. when i heard past something so obscure that day. more or so, i'm a believer of effort. not distant from being a solo enthusiast, it has always been the core of my backbone and i have never been so content knowing i'm living after a name that is far from perfect yet solidly standing free and still against the roughness only everyone is imminent of. layered with walls of whys, just why? and so i flowed (considering i was a stream) and flew through, yet again, having nothing to take into account for some more invisible period, oblivious whether i was still fond of calculating or was it just a false translation saying i was still, watching? like a stone thrown into the water causing a ripple, surprise, how unknowingly someone could be and that was me. a ripple, what a change it could extend and i was comforted, solidly standing free and still, still, shook after a stick of anxiety. i was mediocre but that, God, help me, surpassed my own comprehension of biology, of beauty, of romance, of a child that i am. sometimes i was helpless, pretty massively helpless. to all unanswered sequels that had finally came into one, for the mercy that i well-known deserving of, life felt breezy and i was lifted. a discovery that was made of mazes, you should be scared! resolved with what i believed in so strong, the castle is ours.