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how about this year?
January 06, 201720:46

jump into cold water and let life beats like your pulse. 

that's the best thought i could pinpoint this early january and i could (and would) live up to that everyday because nothing's so beautiful than being reckless and so attempting at being right (uhm, wise). yesteryears, they were damn good. but sometimes we get sick of the old songs. while i cherish most parts fondly, i calculate and eliminate rotten fruits. i have white evidences of learning past lessons and cheers to whatever that have conspired to help me clear my sights because ezee has    no time for useless degradation.    ezee is looking forward to a journey of    wondrous moments    despite the flaws she would undertake. 

well well let's see if there are more positive vibes.

rolling back to december, i celebrated Christmas without my biological family. it's upsetting to see family photo without my head and limbs and soul in it needless to say holding the annual event together and just feeeeel it at the moment you know what i mean. but out of the haystack, i had my precious significant other close with me jingling the day (days) so, zero worries. God, thank you, he is my firework (i am actually listening to some fireworks bursting out there seriously). towards getting a step away from another age, i have decided staying away from home for half of the year is not bad after all. it's true, it has been fun with a number of people i met and gotten closer with, the unexpectants i could behold and put in my happy list, but above all, i get to make myself pass the countless of times i felt anxious and unworthy with me standing on my own two feet. the foundation though, comes back to where i belong. in just one week, home it is.