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God is constantly amazing
August 10, 201616:15

it's correct that i wish certain things in my life were different but i have no absolute control on them so i ponder on the possibilities instead but, that too, is rough water. over time, my eyes are opened even wider my eyeballs are going to pop out. i have always loved to talk about this thing but never really had a chance to (and i feel insecure to talk about it with my friends). hence i've been only doing the talk with my inner self, amazed by the littlest of detail like everytime. i realise that i have certain anwers coming to me without even i'm asking for them in a rush. those are the answers to some particular wonderings in my head that have been dwelling for quite some time. i have even more believed now that when we don't force things, they'll come effortlessly (certain list of things), surprise us in a manner that even a fucking alarm cannot do. now, now, God be with us. He is so majestic in His own ways. His kindness and consideration are incomparable. perhaps when we often come out looking for the things that we first thought worthy, they are just not! hurrily passing more worthy junctions or signs and time only slip away in the name of our own impatience. this is not only for me but also for you who spare an amount of time reading this far; we need God and He's already answered our cries and fears in silent because He's humble and gentle now it's a matter of seeing through our own actions and the path that we consciously choose.