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our little one
February 24, 201701:38

turned out, it was already my last goodbye to quai quai when i left home two weeks ago. out of my capability to put it according to my order, goodbye counts no men. dogs mean so much to me like i am emotionally attached to them not because they are just pets, they are family. they are not always nice but they are full of truths and sincerity needless to say when they are obedient, they put you to cloud 9. for that, i have always been one of the luckiest to feel the gift of petting dogs (and not hating or fearing them due to some kind of phobia to be specific). 

there are   some possibilities  on how quai quai reached her last pulse, given, i was told through a phone call that there's a cut on her chest but it was not a big cut and she bled which is already a terrible thing for me to register. most probably, the cut ran deep and caused her heart to stop abruptly despite the small size of cut. quai quai might have also ran over something sharp like steel wire fence that has sharp endings following its length. on the other hand, my elder sister believes that quai quai had been beaten by somebody. if that's even 0.5% true, i would not be able to look at that particular somebody's face the same anymore because how could you?! why this is not only a mere possibility in our own small case, it's happening in the whole world where immoral people murdered animals without sympathy and enough chances to change their mind in doing so oh you name all the reasons in the world and i can guarantee you those reasons are already stupid enough to be even put some thoughts after. 

on top of all, quai quai had been our best lovable dog ever. she had her own wave and rage when she's alive but she's the brightest and standing for all qualities, provided me a very personal pat-at-the-back as i always felt supported when she played along by my side and wagged her tail like there's no tomorrow. last holiday, she did not fail to show her motherly trait even towards newborn puppies that are not hers you can picture she just let the puppies milked after her opposing the natural rule where dogs usually keep astrayed from milking other dogs' puppies. she was so patient and like any other dogs do, anticipated with their owner i could never felt better. 

the happiness that quai quai brought to me and my family in 4 years is going to leave immortal flowers in our heart. you are good over there. you will always be remembered sweet little boo.