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February 05, 201617:22

i think it's true when you keep so much inside, it's going to burst out wild. your body gets hot, your heart can't feel right. it's scary and uneasy. the thing is, "scary and uneasy" comes in both lanes. you keep it inside, you're going to suffer alone. you let it bare outside, you're going to have the taste of the world. but i am still alive because God has mercy and He helps me get through the impossibility. that being said, i am a grateful tiny beanstalk. and i also think that's why "it's okay" exists. well it's okay to choose whether you want to let it out or hold back because the answer can't always be right. impossibility comes with possibility. with the right people, the right place, a heart who cares will fathom. it's just that, people lose track too. people misunderstood what necessary and unnecessary. it's okay, there's a lifetime to learn.