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January 29, 201611:02

i feel the butterflies everytime,

it's the kind of electric that everybody wants when they thought that the world is a black hole. it's the kind of warmth that a piece of blanket could offer to an extent at zero degree. it's the kind of delight that hovers and carried by the wind of april spring. it's the kind of magic that stops the time and pulls you closer to the future. it's the kind of newborn that makes people jump and fall on the ground, laughing. it's the kind of melody, so silent, jazzy, that brings cheer even to the back of your ears. it's the kind of addiction that lays no harm but paradise. it's the kind of flip that makes your stomach yell out of serenity. it's the kind of anxiety that reduces itself decrementally, effortlessly. it's the kind of strum at heart that makes the world go unheard, only the beating of your pulse, it's the kind of rain that put forth hope upon the light afterwards. it's the kind of lightning that magnetize the land at where you stand but you will never have to feel the pain. it's the kind of naught that means everything.