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January 22, 201618:11

it only takes countless times to have a good talk (long one) with my sister. we have grown up big to discuss how life could be a good party or plain dirty box. growing up being, mostly, an observant (and ignorant), people have a good hard time to adapt with the things that i do. well, it's an open door. people can only see the slightest thing as an imperfection too. fine with that, done. also growing up not wanting to dissappoint people, it teaches me a lot. some people are never worth it. sometimes, i lose interest in filing up what people feel because i feel like i have put myself aside for so many times already. i'm not done with people (will never do) because people are atoms made up together and they mingle around us most of the time. especially when i'm studying far off south (so far in my life) and across the sea, i have met and made a lot of new friends. new bond is quite of a scary thing too because i don't know them (yet) but i have to pull myself away from my imagination that they are going to kill me or something. in the middle of semester break, i have collected great moments i couldn't be happier. keeping in touch with people who are truly concerned, very sublime.