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good pack
December 30, 201522:42

currently enjoying john mayer's "gravity".


when you fall, do you blame the gravity? no.

when life's unfair, we don't blame the people or the "occurence" either.

made my way quite this far, it might be the best (or not) but life has no definite shape and i have my own unique patterns. we drive our own car and hold on to the steering wheel ever so wisely. other interpretation, we lead our own way and hold on to our faith undoubtedly. when moth calls me butterfly, i would have to cling on it. that assures how i live in an imaginary world at the same time; i do believe that i have wings to carry me when i suck at living. but here's the thing fella. real world and imaginary world can be a good pack. 

living in this harsh and filthy world, we can still put a smile on our face. we smile because it's funny. we smile because it's so funny how absurdity means a lot than we have ever thought. we smile because we have outgrown certain circumstances. we smile because we manage to indulge in the warmth that we distinctly deserved (while roaming, thinking we are undeserved). we smile because some people are not so bad after all.

living in our imaginary world, we have put forth our soul into something that is unseen. however unseen and deep, we are able to rise, so that's a secret star. so many passions kept inside, shared cautiously, well, imaginary world knows them best. it's so special that we have to work hard to portray the things that we love genuinely and stuffs that we want to do despite the uncertainty that comes along. oh the time that never guarantees us anything, trust me.

through it all, we still step forward right? we must progress. i must.