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small town lights
February 22, 201612:16

july is another focus, another present. can't wait. for the time being, i'm good compared to the first day. it takes a whole lot of me to adapt again. anxiety and its friends, damn good playing inside of my head. my blood feels weird, my skin feels further. we're no longer staying inside campus and things somehow change. highway is a just a step away it might sounds cool except the distinct noises (that recede when i'm soo into my stuffs). given small town lights and everything i am sane enough to know that it's not a bad place after all. no more lazy (blessed) sunday kind of makes me feel forbidden from the things i've normally done but here's it's just different. telling other people how odd it is is like facing a plain wall, futile. for a couple more months, let me just bury it. thinking about the rest of the months being here, well, they say we should break off of our shell and that it's good to see the world sometimes, i'm well aware. it takes another reason for me to be grateful because some souls prolly want it so this is a significant attachment. only this morning did i stumble upon an old thought. i'm not going to clarify it out because it is still unnecessary. my only wish is so that it will happen someday. that being said, work hard and scream. oh, i need to do some personal research.