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November 16, 201500:57

the choice that i took for my mid-term break was probably the best. maximized my time with, mostly, "first experience"s. first experiences are somehow expensive and i have never been happier with what i actually encountered during the leisure period that was kindly provided for a freshman like me. the people whom i met, the places that i stepped onto, things, stuffs and issues that i learned were all for all making me even thoughtful and grateful.

e.q. booster camp was amazing. i had the opportunity to cooperate with friendly faces and i never felt thaaat welcomed before. throughout the programme, i learned more about myself and other people. all of those basic knowledges were combined altogether just to remind me back how different we are from each other and that is why we should embrace it instead of triggering any damn fire. we are unique and that being said, it answers the trivial questions about our very own identity. identity is not supposed to be the same in every person.

acceptance and confidence. these two dudes are the real drive. i come to meet my weak points at just about any moments. yet, with acceptance and confidence, i grow my own wings.