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October 14, 201500:42

tuesday and wednesday are the longest days of my weekday. six hours straight maneuvering assignments on my study table just now sounds not enough but my backbone's literally breaking and i profoundly think i should stop for tonight and now i'm sitting on the bed, with a pillow upholding my backbone because i am a vertebrate, i feel pain on my bones sometimes. and i kind of hunch; hope not forever.

i am not settling for less and i'll sharpen whatever heckies that need to be sharpened and it's more of a challenge when i have to handle a lot of whatnots among the people and the surrounding as well but i am born strong enough to clear them off of my border so i'm not taking negativities that easily, let alone, keeping them for so long. 

i come to face the truth that imagination shall be my best friend because i have a lot to do with this "dude" for this respective semester. or should i add, one of the reasons for my six-hours-resulting-backbone-deprived. how long do i have to deal with this? smells like forever. 

anyway, i read an interesting article yesterday. they say it's okay to get an eight hours of sleep instead of six, which i seriously agree, come on. because you see, the thing about people nowadays is that they thought certain people who actually sleep well about eight hours or sleep early are lazy-ass community, excuse me. i'm literally an "infant" because i love to sleep too but of course, in a considerate manner. and i am here to say that there's nothing to be embarrassed about treating your body right by, exactly, having a deep sleep. deep sleep for efficient body cells never sounds less worthy thus do it.

insomnia or powerful-willing-to-stay-up-late-because-i-have-to-finish-this-shit-tonight-or-i'm-dead -tomorrow are different cases and we are born wise enough to understand that sleep is still essential despite our packed schedule.

lately, it's not that hard anymore for me to stay up late compared to when i was in my last college. things change. perhaps because there are lots of thinking going on in my head, making sleeping feels further. but it's okay, i never love sleeping any lesser.