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i'm not done with teamwork
September 28, 201521:57

so my "allergic" pops out again.

i'll keep bugging your life if you're placed with me for any group assignment(s) so define what lucky means to you. more to say, when nobody wants to be a leader and the discussion is going nowhere and there's still no group leader hence i decided  to make things easier (complete) by being a group leader (if it doesn't sound much like being a volunteer but i'm willing to so yeah) or else, everyone will suffer from such incompetent occurence; which i seriously cannot bear. come on lah. the way i see it, the way i work, you're going to finish your portions on time, i'm going to finish my portions on time and heck we'll survive and obtain good marks. i am not going to let you stand on my way from getting my kind of appropriate achievement. before due time, of course i'll be as helpful as i could gauge and you should acknowledge that at least. i am trying my best so i expect the same in return, nothing much for goodness sake people, we're not solving trigonometry.

our lecturer is somewhat fussy so i'm adapting to it and i'm not even going to put any layers to fussy because fussy is the perfect adjective to describe her. first assignment for her class and i bet her expectation is high well tell you what, my expectation is high too. for sure i'll prove this fussy member of life that i can do it, as plain as it sounds. however, i'm feeling weak with my own teammates.

non-effective communication.

lack of response when everyone knows whatsapp is the quickest way to reach someone (and still, it's not, in my case).



since this is not the only assignment that is lining up, i'm telling you that i am beyond agitated. i really want to get this done. i'm making an amount of effort for this shit and the way they're giving a hand feels further from my skin. i guess this is what i understand "memang saya tidak ngam lah bekerja sama kamu ni tau". that's it.