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this one is spicy
September 15, 201516:20

all our life, we've been relying plainly on ourselves right? that is one of the greatest arts. perhaps it's impossible for us to recall the first time we were able to walk. what drove us? because you see, we were not mature enough to decide at that very moment, let alone. holding a spoon to eat.

i believe a strong intuition has always been the third hand. very often, we are left to our own devices. right now, i am left with a packet of tissues. this sore throat and runny nose have never been worse or i must say, the worst to go through for the first few weeks in a new place. should i add, hazy "occasion" that is not ceasing at all. of course complaining or whining is the most stupid thing that i can do for the time being because it affects nothing in return. somehow, this condition proves how unconcern human race is at one point.

at this royal creek, nothing beats the circle of people who are actually very warm. i managed to pray at st henry last saturday. the preaching was very striking and it could never been better without the indian priest who was so crystal clear in his thoughts. he reminded us about suffering. we have our own suffering but let us not forget about other people's suffering. i'm not saying that we should participate completely in their suffering. more wisely, in some senses, we should remember to be grateful. sometimes we become very self-centered in most of the things that we're doing. we thought nobody else matters but us. well, the truth cannot be denied. for example, without the mak cik kuih pisang, where should we go and dig for kuih pisang? especially when we're so busy and not able to cook or eat breakfast. we would rush and find another party to fulfill our needs (not necessarily mak cik kuih pisang). it means, somebody else matters however small their role is.

being independent offers so much for us. personally, not seeing my parents' rooftop is hard but i believe i can survive, though. not getting mother foods everyday is pretty sad even more when i have to bear overwhelming spicy dishes most of the time which amutha claimed low spicy level and i thought she was kidding but she's not. 

i have so much of me to persevere. i acknowledge my own path and i'll make sure it's a good one, exhilarating even and soars me up later. i probably need to be more goals-oriented. i am passionate at so many things and i do whatever i want, you know. just like how you do.