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August 25, 201512:18

some things happened too fast. i can still go back to the orientation week at lmc where we were assembled like pickles and sardines. i don't favour having a long thought of that frankly but the worst memory irons best. a glance back at the past once in a while is actually a drive-booster. i see how determined i was, how i stood at my own feet during hard moments, how i tried and tried despite the great amount of mistakes i've made, how curious i was thinking about the future and tell you what, today is the future that i once pondered over and over again. looking at how it is right now, i still have to cross a lot of things on the list. to get to the top is not an easy task but "if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain", said dolly parton.

future cannot be accustomed with bold perfection at least i can say it's never a guarantee of perfection. however bold or light the perfection would be, a grateful heart is always what it takes. the effort that we put so dearly from now on will somehow gets us somewhere.