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August 14, 201518:30

just a reflection of life generally. a few days ago, someone said something about surprises in our life path. i believe there are good surprises and bad surprises. the biggest surprise is we would never know when the good or bad surprises will come out of their hiding place and surprise us. would they come as a single package or separated package? that.

light at the end of the tunnel is what we always aim for. everyone has different tunnel, therefore, we would most probably achieve what we want at different time, age, etc. our momentum is different but as long as we don't stop, nothing is plainly impossible. my mother reminded me about the finishing line and absolutely, that's the most important thing that we should keep in mind. where we stand at the end of the day is what would define us. so breathe and run!

i believe when people say effort is beautiful. these past few days, i learn a lot about extreme effort. at least "extreme" is the only adjective that i can put in front of the effort right now. in deep confusion, almost everything feels rough. it feels uneasy to have my own stomache churning over multiple of times. the anxiety overwhelms me and it's hard to decide. the opportunities are completely invisible i think i am blind at one point. 

my silver lining is good at hiding and i still do have time to chase after it. if anyone ever thought that i would stop or give up, they are completely irrelevant. stop or giving up are never the perfect verb to put on my plate. it may be hard because nothing is ever easy. nobody grow up to seventy without getting their umbilical cord cut off so.

nevertheless, i am exceptionally grateful for the circle of people who were there when i needed them even more when i know that they have a lot of things to deal with at the same time. the ones who still listen and offer genuine advices and opinions about my own confusion. the ones who actually "hug" me despite an amount of distance. i pray so that they would be blessed with more blessings and better health, amen.