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don't (never) tell me the best way to welcome august
August 01, 201516:46

perhaps listening to adam levine's falsetto while making brownies were enough to push my back and steps into another new month. recently, i am so obsessed with "God help the girl". for instance, the singings. every elements of the movie are so peculiar, quaint, i'm not sure how to clarify them deeply and i truly watch the movie both for what it is and what's beneath. i am pretty sure this sensation would last for another couple of weeks and it's perfectly okay.

i don't know how to feel for what's coming and it's beyond God's comprehension for me to explain everything. last night, i talked with moth on the phone for almost three hours and thanks to myself for being very thrifty on my credits for the last few weeks. as usual, moth brought up a lot of useful punchlines to uplift my (our) motivation and one of them was "someday we might drive a (spectacular) bmw and who would've known what another person will drive, right?".

the world is actually too small to occupy even a tiny hatred for a tiny hatred is like a cancer, it would develop needless to say, spread. bilaterally, people fail on us and we fail on them. we make mistakes and we shall forgive each other but the fact is it's not as easy as we thought because sincerity is a very important element in forgiving. when we sincerely paint the dark side white again, we can pretty much stick ourselves off of anything. i hope this is a good reminder to help us become much better as a human.