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i see it boils, i make peace with it or laugh it away
July 29, 201510:50

indeed how a single question makes us go thoroughly in the depth of our mind. after what has changed, people should be aware that one cannot decide thaaat quick. plus i don't want to waste my time thinking i was wrong, you were wrong and then ended up blaming everyone who are blatantly not involved because i see that's possible too. but i am not that kiddo because i do see clearly who practically boil the water in the first place. yet, it's a waste of time to do the blaming too thus let's just say i have made peace with everything that has happened. i am on my way to something better, i believe, still working on it though.

it's true as we grow up, we really see who matters, what matters and otherwise. i've prepared some rubbish cans for those who profoundly irk my life and for whatever unnecessary issues that get in the way because i seriously want things to be as closer as what i wanted them to be so talk about precision. i sounded a bit self-important but i would lay the world as a carpet in front of you and let you see infinite red spots which i resemble as people who are actually meaner than me being self-important as in catching my own dreams. and there's this line that really come in handy sometimes; fuck off. 

the world does not revolve around us alone so what actually revolves around us alone? our thoughts. to have healthy thoughts is as challenging as grinding on some craps in our study. but healthy thoughts are somewhat crazy as in crucial. in the end, all that we need is a little positivity to start thinking clearly, start seeing what's worth it. it's alright to fail in the past because people don't excel all the time.