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June 11, 201513:34

one month and so, there were all that there were. enough "get-together"s but sure there'd be more in store when the time is right. this feeling, this feeling right on my chest, a feeling of accomplishment albeit it's only a quarter of the journey but hey, i got what i deserve and there's nothing more to ask. everybody knows there's no stopping point yet, thus, i'll get going. i'll hike and make sure things are going to be right on track. another few months to treasure and i still need to be sane while doing the things that i love. i can smell there is yet a very short period of time left and it is somehow terrifying. 

anyway we're off for the village today and i'm going to find my peace of mind for a couple of days. packing stuffs already reminds me of so many memories. you see, this is an all-my-life event. it's the best feeling ever to be told "go get done, we're going to the village". but these days, the feeling fades like the subtle transition between daylight and night. i do have a piece of excitement but it ain't sharp. and i think it's okay because everyone's not peter pan and the season changes and we don't want to hold life back no?