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half paralyze
May 21, 201516:29

dreams couldn't be more real when it comes to close people. basically, i am not someone who would memorize every single details upon the small world in my head while i'm fast asleep. i normally tend to forget certain ones easily as soon as i woke up. i mean, i do know that i have dreamt of something but it is not taped for too long nevertheless i know there's nothing to be sorry about.

i remember when i was a kid, i dreamt of a punk group. they did horrible things and i am not near to anything to even list one of their deeds. the thing is they brought hatred to my heart. enough with that, the dream hangs on my nerves up until now. i don't let the hatred surpass me in any ways, i just don't understand why is it always the bad thing that stays around? in reality, fake friends are inevitable and cursing is barely unchosen. it's not a bad life, to say, it's a life full of negativities and we have the power to fight negativities. Negativities are like germs, we have to be extra careful.

the beautiful dreams, on the other hand, mostly clawed onto you for awhile and gone by too fast. i think i understand more now that life is totally a fleeting moment of happiness. i am sure that everybody wants a hard disk to keep all of the breathtaking dreams ever occurred while we're half paralyze but the world is not a wish-granting factory.

dreams do have their own twist. they often say when you dream about someone, there's a high probability that they are thinking of you. i doubt to believe that completely as a fact but at one point, it's pleasing when it comes to someone you like, so, it comes in handy too. i'd love to be skillful at analysing dreams but idrk where to start well i always read stuffs from the magazines and internet and i still don't think dreams can determine everything so let me just not start nothing for nothing.