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no crystal ball
June 15, 201515:57

my thoughts, they run in the wild. i can be heartless sometimes and sure that explains how far i am from being a saint. these days, i cannot be quick at decision. i would have to care about how it will affect me and the others. not being narcissist, but extra careful. the growth itself lies in me. i wouldn't learn if it wasn't the experience that i encounter; be it harsh or benign. people are not always going to be there for you, hence, i understand that i cannot put so much hope on anything or anyone anymore. what's there is what there is and what's not, may never be there after all. life is going to surprise us from time to time and let's prepare our own raincoat. i don't have a crystal ball to make sure that i'm on the most rightful path, or catch the slightest bona fide in certain people. we are all trapped in our own game so kick ass. i am sure that each of us has the opportunity to fix what's not right and the warning has always been there.briefly, all that i know now is i got to stand strong, be lively and stay lovely.