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June 17, 201501:59

i guess with the right people, insidious iii didn't turn out to be at its maximum terror. only a few scenes accompanied with loud sound effect that pulled my heart rate up instantly. but we had fun. we puked careless laughters, obnoxious even, i know but there were not more than twenty people in the cinema hall at the moment and hey, we're not acting like a bully, just professional, typical, movie customers.

i am beyond grateful to have some important people in my life who are always willing to listen. talk is cheap and talk-the-talk can be as futile as it possibly be. it's true that no matter how much people try to relate to your problems and give wise words as the cherry on top of the cake, they are none to compare with the significance of listening. beauty lies in listening. we should listen more. sometimes, truth can be unravelled through silence and that, of course, can only be done if we try harder to, now, "listen more". 

to think back, i have nothing more to ask. i am far from perfection but the things that i have achieved, the lovely people that surround me and my own capabilities plus passions have drawn me closer to that. hence, i better be a grateful grown ass. perfection is overestimated right. nevertheless, it becomes one of our priorities to keep on getting better, not perfect, just fucking better. people don't understand. not very often that they do. but it's alright for sure. people need "dictionary".