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silent bark
June 18, 201518:43

funny how a dash of feeling makes my thoughts darting everywhere. it's time like this when i kind of feel like a major shit; desperate of some sort. well at least i know that i am not the only one who has encountered this level of mortification. it's time like this when the chirpings of birds sounds forevermore. it's time like this when lying on bed while reading "the moment collector" feels so crucial. it's time like this when i really don't need anybody to reason everything out. is this an almost-twenty-syndrome?


right about now, we're petting twelve freaking dogs which ten of them are puppies and they are so cute. they bark and growl a lot when it's time to eat. very often, i feel like i can bark at them as well. that's the thing about pets. they get on your nerves but they are also capable of melting your heart down. here's to the soft spot that i contain for them.