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June 22, 201518:24

for whatever reasons, all of us are influenced by something; seen or unseen

in terms of music, i don't normally go with "rock and roll" because all this time i've been so sticky stubborn thinking "rock and roll" is for people who have dark-screaming-kind-of-soul. barely twenty but that's the truth. somehow, the radio proves me wrong because "rock and roll" is kind of cool too even now, i'm listening to it. that's when i know that i should let my narrow mind strayed.

fashion? sometimes off-trend. maybe that's my fashion, off-trend. i wear stuffs that make me feel me and what make me, me. i swear there's a lot of trends going on outside and somehow people make trends look more awful than it should be. i see people out there, wearing things that they love (or they have to love) i mean, ain't that hurt? undeniably, some people know how to work the runway so it's still a better world no?

right now, it's painfully boring to talk about music and fashion. basically, it's the same cycle every now and then unless you're five you probably haven't seen the pattern just enough. 

so what's interesting?

perhaps here's what interesting. let me bold. may be interesting.

some people thought they buy a good chalk. but others buy better chalk. ironically, some people thought they know better enough but they're actually in another galaxy, roaming, eventually caught and dished out by lycans (so sad). some people try to put on their masquerade, saying things they don't even fathom, trying to be you. 

i see what's genuine and what's not. who's genuine and who's not. because trust me, there's always a hint; be it tiny or enormous. i don't have a pair of hawk eyes but i'm watching out of the germs. i'm not scaring anyone off because it's cliche to scare people out nowadays. i'm here, with my own thoughts and those who deserve to know will know and those who don't can always lead themselves to the open door. 

a person can impress another person, only so much. for me, i always go back to authenticity. say all the nice words and roll some cheap attitudes would have me enough to lit the nicest fireworks at night and say you're out of my league. i see how fake people are they disgust me. i think that's the worst trend ever. but you know, i'm sitting on this cosy seat, analysing certain people's odd behaviours pretending just about so many things. so pretentious, an apple can rot. i might as well say "hey your boot is stucked in the mud". 

as a matter of fact, this is the world we're living and we cannot dodge everything and everyone simultaneously.

i won't be sorry to ditch anyone out of my life because people who get into my oh-you're-so-fake list will always be the ones who inspire me to do so whoa i think that's a big fat thanks yes? o and yeah, people who cannot tie their shoelaces will always know who they are. perhaps, taste your own cream next time yeah? your identity, it's cheap, not valid.