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waffle and spaghetti
May 16, 201511:31

men and women blatantly differ from each other. once, i read a book that i borrowed from the library entitled "men are waffle and women are spaghetti" (something close to that, at least that's what my brain can recall). 

just around this morning, daddy asked me a high-order-thinking question but it's quite silly at one point, you know, just for fun in an ordinary saturday. tell you what, i gave up. oh as silly as it was, i couldn't stand it as it involved 20% calculation and 80% logical thinking. those duo, i won't let them act as a prick in my brain i mean come on it's saturday morning, jumped out of bed AND I'M NOT LETTING IT AFFECT MY EMOTION.

back to waffle and spaghetti, they are not merely known as famous delicacies but they are also a component to describe men and women's thinking respectively. based on the book, most men think as if they have separated columns in their mind (just like waffle). men don't simply blabber about so many things at a time. when they talk about games, they talk about games and when they feel like shaving, they won't go to the swimming pool and swim. on the other hand, women are more complicated (i cannot disagree because i find myself complicated, too, at times). especially during an emotional breakdown, women talk almost about everything they could let out; past, present, future. and that's how spaghetti women's mind is.

for a close reference, i take my mom and dad. they argued (not serious i guarantee) about the silly question this morning. mom gave a lot of explanations, from west to east, south to north kind of explanations (but logical). while, dad couldn't seem to agree on anything because dad only wanted one necessary answer that will directly fulfill the puzzle. i can say, there's no final answer from both of them but it was shown how man and woman's pattern of thinking.

well, it's incredible how men and women are made. somehow, the rain comes with thunder, the cats bump with dogs and rose grows with thorns; a damn complete ecosystem.