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May 17, 201521:23

before i begin my rant, i'd love to swallow up my banana in the first place.


i am still with allan hall. i am in need to tell you that his book is very interesting. right now, i'm exploring his "captive". although, "captive" is horrifying as in its true story but nothing beats the lessons that i learn in just a few leaf of pages. it's true that anything can happen even if it only means walking by the side road singing hallelujah. conscisely, the story happened in cleveland, puerto rico. terrifying facts in this book can dig your brain out but mostly, you will start to open up your mind even more. i'd love to say more about this book but let me just conclude that abductions carry more than just a picture of someone locking another someone. 

these days, i feel like i eat too much. my appetite rises like tide. anddd. i started to watch korean drama again. actually, i fed myself with korean drama since my final exam in lmc. my final exam, okay?  i feel retarded. 

hey, back in college, it was so awkward to watch the television, provided at cafes and library. well i can say that they turned on certain music that is unusual to my ear sometimes and movies that i ought to watch half-way, i mean, seriously, was my timing always that bad? so i pretty much got attached with my own track. at least, i still have my life rooting on me.

thinking out loud, it is scary to finally see the outcome of my sweats next june. i literally don't know what to think or what to expect. i don't want to think too much about it but what's not to think fella? damn. at this point, life is having fun choking people. needless to say, i still need to treasure my time being at home, shaking it off, worst to add, for only a few months. but what is there is what it is. i don't need a travel-watch because fuck that, i need a dose of positive boost that will keep me sane, immuned and distinct in thinking for the rest of my life.