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payday vs holiday
May 18, 201513:28

a friend of mine told me that she's going to have a part-time job at terengganu and it's her three weeks of sem-break holiday and she's going to work. look at me. enjoying a few months of holiday and all i do is drinking juices from the fridge. 

the good thing about having a part-time job is earning money; crystal clear as it is. plus obtaining an experience, what, they say is crucial when you're applying another job next time. but it is still not valid to be the main reason of having a part-time job, frankly. if i have one, eventually i'll probably use the money to buy clothes, books, movie ticket, new guitar and pay a visit to some places with my friends. now, i don't work and of course, relying on my parents. a kind reminder: i deserve to enjoy my holiday.

the bad thing about having a part-time job, especially around my age right now, is you'll get tired and if you're living with your family, you'll get to see their face only for a couple of hours because when you reach home, you'd be searching for the bed in the first place (87% probability) and sleep for another couple of hours. the next day, you'll be working again. well here's what i want to ask the most. aren't we going to work, too, someday? can you calculate the percentage of probability that you get to spend more time with your family over your own working time, later? 

nothing's guaranteed.

i am sure that my opinions over here are biased as i don't work my butt off on anything right now. i know. but it makes sense to think that way too. i am not saying that i am rich enough to drink juices everyday and i am not saying things will work out for me easily someday. i mean, that's the point. sooner or later, i will have to struggle again to further my study and get a proper job. it would be a hell of a struggle. i know. so, i'd like to insist that holiday deserves to be a holiday. 

to erase any misunderstandings in your head, i do respect those who are really in need of money to get a part-time job and sacrifice their free period to do so. it's a great effort indeed! perhaps there are also an amount of people who get a part-time job only to do the similar things as i'd do after payday? so, all considerations and decisions are up to our own need and will.