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the wall
May 15, 201518:53

there's a high probability that i'm going to stick with my blog while drinking malt drink at these times around. the weather is pretty chilly since a few days ago and again, let me just mold up in my own comfort zone. 

i have included myself in those ordinary social networks and that's practically my own choice in the first place. some, i'd say a good nest to lay my words on but on the other hand i'd say blogspot is none to compare. given those people who know me and some others who actually "know" me, it's quite uncomfortable to say everything straight ahead. i won't say that they cyber-bully me before (never) but there's just a ball of insecurity that holds me from expressing so much (which at times i did and that, i can't help) because that would mean risking the great wall that i've built myself. well every person needs to have a strong wall to avoid ghost-minded people from tresspassing the line and get into us just to make us feel tiny or futile because trust me, they are always there, always ready to make their own speculations and not that i'll die if they keep judging but "some words", they hurt. and. i. don't. want. to live in a mental hospital due to overthinking.

i am open to critics and opinions and i am basically not someone who will try to embarrass any jerks or bastards in any social networks because mostly, i keep things to myself. but, i admit that i may somehow give a little hint of sinister remarks to someone who can't tie their laces on and chances are, i am not sorry. at all. i probably need to learn more in expressing myself and let people digest anything they've earned, be it right or wrong, because the world itself is already a judgement table.