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not perfectly excellent, just perfectly exzreena
May 15, 201516:23

first of all, i personalize my blog again and by personalize, i mean, my late posts have been diminished, all of them. completely. by me. would i regret? a bit. but no. my whole life, i've been a hardcore learner to let regrets fuck themselves off. not only regrets drive people crazy, they also accumulate toxic in our mind and draw us back to the past, possibly to the worst state that we had been. so, aren't that nauseating already? 

i am not in a capacity to be proud about the things that i want to tell you after this. it's either i let changes come fretting towards me or i pull the changes in. i think at some points, both are at extreme possibility. 

i have finished my one-year-programme at labuan matriculation college (lmc) and i am so glad that i survive. if i am an author, i can write a book about my life over there (mostly about me being second-level-depressed and my unbalanced food consumption). one thing that i am sure most is, i had a great time. 

back to my "super" story about changes, baby, it's a strong game. basically i am still eighteen and this year, i would be nineteen when november comes. i know i have made some changes to my assets. i start to care about my eyebrows, i cut my lock short like dora the explorer (the last time i did was in primary three), i add another two piercings on my left ear and i feel like adding some more but enough is enough. apart from that, i grow more in riding my own confidence and i don't trust a lot of people anymore (they just keep on making me question myself about my own existence well fuck you). 

i got hella lots of conversation going on with myself and in that way, i learn to think the best way so that i am not easily harrassed by the diseased minds. you might think i am psychotic if you ever, EVER (never) saw me talking to myself in the most dramatic way. well, another secret (not anymore) little world won't hurt right.