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something you just don't question
June 06, 201704:14

apparently my body, my mind and my soul fail to cooperate now as to why i am still awake. i slept for 16 damn hours yesterday, that's first (sleeping goal). secondly, i had a mini make over session just now so i feel pretty fresh even more after having my face washed. 

nonetheless, my mind has been dwelling on so many things at the same time. some days feel vacant, some other full of thrills and wonders. i realize that i have stepped forward a lot more than i have imagined needless to say the changes that i go through, that i am willing to take, welcoming them evenly - all in which i may reconcile or shrug after years to come. i am the happiest over small fruits that have sparked in my journey because they really do smell good and make me want to step forward even more, of course, striving for something better (the best), all that i am acutely deserving of. there's no stopping! days when i feel tired, dull and insipid, they are in a cycle. days when i am full of emotions scare me out and these are just some of the fears that squeeze me badly sometimes. responsibilities in life started to cling on me and this shall not wear me off already! 

like any other study weeks, i am so anxious. i am in a battle with my own schedule right now and i feel like i am running out of fuel quite instantly nowadays. i foresee, "time of the month". anyway, i am only hoping for the best in my upcoming papers. i cannot wait to end this semester.