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for greatest reasons
March 28, 201722:34

oh if i ever ever ever tried to stay away from "you" (this could be anyone of any names that are not worthy of your guesses), i really meant it. it's true that negative vibe really gets to the worst of you and i only let it reach my best for all reasons, by staying away and let 'em decide to stay buried in their unawareness. it's true that i am also bad at explaining why i keep astray from certain people because i simply thought it's wasting my time. i don't do shits like "you know what, you have bad attitude and you should change" "oh i think your actions are going to make the devils puke" "your actions are the most insincere i have ever stumbled upon". guys, some thoughts are simply processed, coming out of our nerves only to be kept wisely inside so that we know how to react next. for me, i'll just keep calm, observe and walk away while contemplating that i am not going to be like those people i am avoiding from ain't nobody going to downgrade me, sayonara.