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better off this way
May 31, 201621:41

literally a step away from the middle of the year. i'm pampering the thought of june as the month of "releasing". i'm at ease thinking i'd be back home but that, of course, after trials and tribulations. so i've been molding myself up in the library these past few weeks it's my second home. there are a few relevant reasons for me to mention that first, crazy fast internet access, also, comfortable "weather" vis-a-vis my room at dorm, plus, personal space all to myself as i get to choose where i want to land, where i want to charge my laptop, how long do i want to let my bones freeze to death without following any asses from behind or any sides like i don't already have countless things to keep up with. from time to time, i grow only to care less about the idea of being among the cliques people hardly believe will uplift them more than being solitary well bullshit ladies and gentlemen. it's attitude that matters. there come times when i feel tired or plainly annoyed dealing with people especially the difficult ones. not everyone has "that" attitude but i face some who really turn my days blue and i just have to protect myself from those poisonous pests (i just have to, repeat). another thing is i don't have time or at least i don't owe any of my fucking time to dance among them so i'm thinking i'm better off with ordinary hardcore solitude, damn i'm right, case's closed. reaffirmation, i still need people in my life, i love being around people but the paradox is i cannot rely on them all the time (you get betrayed, annoyed sometimes for no good reasons well enough is enough) and time is a living proof of how experiences teach me (and you) that it's a matter of choice in managing our own life. you define, you decide.