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the real touch up
July 07, 201517:48

confidence never really go out of style. in fact, being confident helps you stay "forever 21". i read a lot of articles about how crucial it is to be confident and the world really needs a lot to do with it. 

i, myself, have to work for it. improve it.

"life with regrets is too much". that's what i told my best friend last month. that alone certainly has so many points coagulated together for us to relate. i probably don't know the best variable of all but i can assure that confidence is one them.

everyone is special and individualistic as in appearance. everyone can be awkward as fuck, not funny or never funny at all. everyone can wear the glass slipper very well or rather comfy boots dancing to blake shelton. confidence is only for those who knows how to be confident? now that's invalid.

as unique as we are made, confidence is for everyone to wear. it's bullshit for you to say "i tried and it never worked", "people still judge", "it's tiring" blah blah blah and maybe you're correct. sometimes it never worked, people's mouth is a grinding machine, you will feel like you run a couple of miles at some points and you still ought to accept those things already. but seriously, do you still think being confident is not worth it? 

in the worst case, some people did suicide. think about it. if a little bit of confidence is planted in oneself, pursuing life as it is will be a go-for-it instead. perhaps some people are rightful enough to make decision but wrong enough to slap yourself down to grave. 

i am never the champion of being confident among the human race but it's gratifying for me to know that i always try to get better with being confident everyday.

how do i wear confidence?

i talk first. sometimes i am the wild tigress. i open a conversation and try to talk; the least that i can do. well it's a good way to know people's behaviour(s). for some reasons, it helps my continuous analysation on different people so that later when i meet another person, a trick or two will be easier to launch. this is not about manipulating the bonding and whatsoever, this is solely about morphing the buddy; confidence. but hey, i also know my position when it's time to shut up.

other than that, i wear comfortable attire and do a little touch up, it's all about the "less is more". i used to think that it never matters what i wear or how unkempt my eyebrows are but that kind of mindset, it is meant to alter somehow. when people see you're neat and smell your sweet fragrance all at the same time, they may approach and probably compliment. thus, that's how you do it; an open door for a good reason.

i draw a smile. i feel unattractive sometimes but there's a truth when they say "smile makes it better" so i do it over and over again. of course the brain knows what to command so don't worry. when you're in pain, you'll knit your brows. when you're confused or scared, you surely won't smile like a mad person. at the end of the day, you will still need to smile. confidence nails that way for sure.

besides, i do something with passion. when i do that, there's a tiny hint of hope lying in within. i love trying something new because it makes me feel capable. when i manage to accomplish something that i have never done before, it makes me feel more confident, resilient plus reliable. so it's a pretty good idea to add a little adventure in your way.

most importantly, confidence grows when we honestly believe and genuinely being ourselves. basically, i consider and care about people's opinions but i never really let them stand in my way. the judgements, they are worth thinking and worth making me more optimist. i want to write an essay, i will write a freaking essay. i refuse to say HIMYM is my thing, then be it not-my-thing. on the other hand, i accept whatever shits people dislike even if their dislikes are my major honey. to be fair and square, that's how life rolls. i always learn "if they don't like me, i am going to be more me" so that shall answer a lot of questions. i am sure you feel that boom-boom-pow confidence dancing around here.

let me repeat. "life with regrets is too much". hence, everytime you're feeling low and lack  of confidence, think about it. being unconfident will simply put more regrets in our life generally. so shift from your medieval cave and bold up. together.