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June 29, 201517:34

i feel healthy when i get to drink soymilk but don't expect me to put a stupid advertisement about soymilk over here.

back to basic, little things mean a lot more than what we thought they ought to be. i'd love to list ten of my favourite little things, perhaps the rarest, perhaps not really, perhaps you can proceed reading.

i love giving people name(s) especially my close ones. i don't expect them to like it so much but this is only 15% of what i'm feeling so i do expect them to like it for the other 85%. i either beautify or change people's name completely for my own close reference. for example, i named one of my friends "crystal clear brandii" because she's very honest and bright i thought the name would fit her even. she never opposes.

is better than one, hah, i harmonize people's singings very often it becomes half of my psyche. the satisfaction is surreal, sometimes it feels like i'm eating food. music is my daddy's major course and i learn so much from him. i cannot play a lot of instruments but music knows how to alzheimerise our mind which in other words, it's perfectly fine if we can't play the drum or bass as long as we got the beat and the rhythm and open to sing along for goodness sake.

i got inspired to use a lot of adjectives from taylor swift. she's well-known with her wondrous charm as a singer and a lyricist. without bright, what is light. without pitch black, what is dark. i am sure you get my point across.

i read the dictionary and i feel reloaded everytime i did it. it's the most awkward thing ever but i can always pretend there's a story lying in within. it sure enriches my vocabulary every now and then.

it's an age ago when i went outside of our house, gazed above, divided the sky into four quarters and named them nonchalantly. may i introduce, they are jane, o'dannuh, calleigh and flynn. i remember them all the time and of course they will remember me in return. i am so quaint but i cannot help myself either.

i can live by reading so many lyrics without listening to the real songs first. it's always amazing to read people's mind in that way because i am blatantly not a natural mind-bulldozer. plus, there's so much hope knowing that we are not the only one who's feeling this way and that way. for some reasons, it's not futile to understand something in the first place before taking it to the next level.

i am a flower person and i am more to white flowers. i have this in me at my tender age. when "the day" comes, i want to hold a bouquet of white flowers. most probably, the place would be in stark white decorations. with a little glitters.

it's always spectacular to get myself into a condition where writing is the only thing i am fond of doing for an hour straight. when i'm done, i usually paste the paper on the wall. it's hypnotizing seeing my words holding each other, portraying the butterflies and weird feelings that are roaming for quite some time. for sure, i victimize my younger sister to read my masterpieces aloud.

love letters had been scary for me long ago. the original story is still vivid in my brain it never seems to let me drive away so easily. now, love letters are just plain beautiful reminders for me that love only grows old if we let it.

i actually love it when people actually know how to spell my name correctly because it is actually attractive. not giving you a hard time, actually.

there's a potential that we have something in common and all of these little things make me, more me. and these stuffs over here are already shortened.