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sorry what is perfect again
June 25, 201517:19

just like an infinite number of movies that i have watched, another movie inspires me just now.

i would never believe there is actually a perfect person. a "perfect person" already sounds overwhelming and unreal. perfect basically means excellent and delightful in all respects but the world we are living, it's hard to maintain. but beneath the rocks and thorns of our own delusion, there is a person or a group of person who definitely wear the opposite meaning of perfect but still complete the fragments of our life. this thing, it's not always about the person we're going to say "yes" to. there are family and friends who stand on their feet and these people already suffice the idea of a perfect life. hence, help me understand this even better.

i wouldn't dare saying i don't have an ideal one. but what's so much about it? i read something a couple of weeks ago and frankly, they thor my head out. there's no use of having the long list because as long as you haven't meet "someone" in person, it's crazy to even play the guessing game. plus, nothing's guaranteed and we don't want to put ourselves in plain jeopardy yes? 

when we meet "someone", of course it's essential to know what's he like. whether that "someone" dances to the old record, sings at moonlight, drinks hot lemon during hot season, reads rotten book with countless of old philosophy or simply sleeps and wakes up at different time everyday. we want to know if that "someone" will honestly put a heart on the almost-successful-bond. we want to know if that "someone" will be pleased to have us around, any-fucking-where, with any-fucking-body. most importantly, we want to know if that "someone" will be glad to put us in prayer; for things to last and grow endlessly.

but crap, it's so hard to believe in so much nowadays.

nevertheless, as my age sprouts in the wild i would keep growing and keep the positive thoughts close to my chest. i don't see any clear path or person now and i think it's okay. i think there's still an attractive shape in my life and i am willing to see what and who's coming. life's an adventure, at least that's what i thought they always say.